A downloadable game for Windows

Download free this game, made in about two and half weeks. 

Explore a world in ruins and restore it to its splendid past. Get together with your loved ones at the end of the path.

This is a short game, centered in adventure and exploration with a powerful narrative design and simple mechanics, inspired by games like Journey.

Install instructions

Unzip file and execute Restore.exe


This version has not menu and options, the game will be launched directly. To close the game use alt+f4 (or complete the game).

This game is short (about 1 hour of gameplay) and don't have savegame in this version.


Move: W,S,A,D

Camera Rotation: Mouse

Action: Left Mouse Button


Restore 1.0 FULL GAME 1 GB

Development log


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I dont know what should I do in the first area with statues so could you tell me as I cant jump down so I cant continue

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Great game!
Nice mood (due to music) and an incredibly big world to explore. When you think it's over, it just starts. It guids the player enough that they have a rough idea where they need to be going, but each "place" has nooks and crannys to explore.

Really thanks by your comment! it's so important for me :)