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Two twin brothers walk in the forest when one of them fall in a deep cave, his brother will go to rescue him. Go down, in the deep of Earth, to the the dangerous cave where the  frightening creatures inhabit it. 

Don't forget, beware of monsters!

NOTE: Unfortunately the download version has a important error, the small rats block the corridor, Also, the game is a lot more clear that in editor. I will improve the game once the jam is finished.


Beware of Monsters. 434 MB
Beware of Monsters 0.0.2.zip 545 MB

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There is a bug, I have fixed it now and the game has any improvements, I can't upload yet the fixed game because the gamejam votes are active, but i will do when jam finished. Also I will upload the game on indiedb, perhaps today or tomorrow. I will publish a devlog whe I do.

Now is fixed if you want to play:


UnrealDreams!  Please, I beg of you, move the rats from the entrance.  I want to play this game through SO BAD!  I was recording a video for YouTube and there was just no way to get past those rats.

This game looks and feels AMAZING, you take those rats out and it will flourish. 


- L Squared

I know it! :( 

Unfortunately I can't update the game until the jam votes is over. Once the jam votes is finished I will upload new versions with improvements, more content, and bugs fixed. Stay tuned! ;)

Hey! New version released (with bug fixed): https://www.indiedb.com/games/beware-of-monsters